Top PayPal Casinos of 2018


Why do you need more than one casino? Why is it important that you knew the top PayPal casinos of 2018?

Valid questions. Great and valid questions.

And the answer is rather simple – to get the best opportunities, you must be ready. You can be ready by knowing where the best offers pop-up.

Why PayPal is the best payment method

paypalPayPal is a long-running company that pride themselves on their lever of service. They are constantly updating their software to the latest protocols and make sure that you get the best of both worlds: security and ease of use.

For casinos, PayPal is an ideal way to transfer money. Due to most transactions taking less than 12 hours, transferring your entire bankroll, getting the most out of a promotion and moving back can be done effortlessly.

Even if you want to hold separate bankrolls at different casinos and only bring them together for the largest deposit bonuses, you can. For free.

And PayPal has one of the most advances apps which allows fingerprint locks and a variety of security notifications.

Advantages of PayPal:

  • PayPal can work as a separate e-wallet
  • Or, you can use it to send money from and to your bank account
  • PayPal is favorite for Amazon, eBay, Wish and hundreds of casinos
  • Top security. No compromises.
  • One-click checkouts (if you prefer)

Top PayPal casinos of 2018

5 star ratingWe are simply going to give you the top PayPal casinos of 2018:

  • NetBet Casino
  • William Hill Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Unibet

Now, as to why these are the top casinos for PayPal? A lot of it has got to do with the way these casinos handled themselves and their promotions in 2017. Some, you probably noticed, grew tremendously from new casino to top-tier brand.

While others seem to never drop the ball. Rain or shine, you can always expect only the best at these casinos. Including fast money transfers.

2018 is just beginning. However, in 2017 these casinos did great from the New Year’s promotions to Christmas Advent Calendar. You don’t have to create accounts at all of these sites at once. But also, never again lose a great giveaway. With PayPal you can make fast and secure transfers from casino to casino and back.

Smart casino players

smartNowadays you hear about smartphones, smart watches, smart cars and smart homes. But we love to talk about smart casino players. Players, who recognize what opportunities does playing at top PayPal casinos of 2018 open to them.

You can’t beat the casino at their own game. What you can do is be smart about when you deposit and when you play. With hundreds of casinos online there are always options no matter what you like. Giveaways? Fan of free spins? Want to use that new reload bonus? Be smart, be flexible. And to do that, PayPal is a handy tool to have beside you.


Free slot apps that will change your life

apps phone

Free slot apps that will change your life

Do you notice how much time do we spend bored? There is a galaxy we can explore via our smartphones. And we are sitting being bored.

There are two fundamental problems with that approach to lifestyle. First, we should focus more often on beauty of this wonderful world. The good always outweighs the bad.

And secondly, we are overworked. So, when we have some free time, we just don’t want to do anything.

Let’s fix both of these problems. Enough of the passive, never-ending scrolling through the personal pages of your friends and ex-friends. Bring back excitement to your life with these amazing free slot apps.

Can free slot apps change your life?

iphone appsYes, absolutely. It may sound like a cheap TV ad but free slot apps can really make a difference. After all, what you have to lose? It’s free and you are already looking to turn a brighter page on your life.

The reason why we are confident of this, seemingly, outrageous claim is that we have seen it happen in real life.

In essence, many 20-30 years olds today don’t feel any joy of living. You notice what is going on outside, on social media and around the world, and want to crawl back to bed. We know you’re not throwing away your phone any time soon.

But, instead of browsing social media, you can focus on small things. Even if that comes in a form of free slot apps like Slotomania (or many others).

You won’t win a Nobel prize tomorrow but, at the very least, you get something to look forward to, everyday. You are actively pursuing some entertainment. Nothing wrong with that. You need a place to wind down and have some fun. It beats the heck out of watching your ex-boyfriend’s or ex-girlfriend’s pictures.

What‘s next?

Why free slot apps Cure Sadness

girlRight now you may be skeptical about this whole free slot apps thing. You play free games, how’s that going to change anything?

Look at the bigger picture. You won’t be playing free games on your mobile forever. It’s great for a focus shift but eventually you will grow bored of these games. Free games won’t be enough.

So, it’s not the free games that cure sadness and lack of excitement in life. But they provide you with a platform to bring back joy to your life, disconnect from all that doesn’t concern us, look forward to everyday and start growing your ambitions.

It is a foolproof plan? Maybe not. But again, what’s the alternative for an unhappy, overworked millennial? We are so much focused on the outside, which we cannot control, that we forget ourselves.

Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? Often, all you need to do is click a few times and install an app. That’s it. If you don’t like it, delete it and forget. You are not asked to spend money on this. It’s certainly not a solution. So, just try and see what happens.

And let us know your story!


£20 free no deposit casino and other promotions in 2018


Online you can play games with a live dealer. Or play arcade games. In fact, 20 pounds can get you a long way at an online casino. It won’t change your life, sure. Though, if you are trying to decide whether a casino is worth depositing at, you can find out a lot with the free cash.

What are bonuses… And what they are not

£20 free no deposit casino, or any kind of a bonus is not a government handout. It is not the way how to make money online. You can not scam a casino here.

What you can do is take the free cash and have some fun.

If you have been online for a while, you’ll know that promotions like these come ‘ready-to-use or a reward. As a sport bettor in the second case, you would be first asked to make a real money bet and you get a bonus as a reward.

Both are good for bankroll boosting opportunities. But naturally, only the first is suitable to explore a new online casino.

Best £20 free no deposit casino Bonus in 2018


This makes us so happy. We know how much you guys like to play for free and try out new casinos. What we found may be the best bonus yet.

Here you get a virtually no-restriction bonus that you can use to explore the whole casino. The bonus is valid for 5 days since the registration. The bonus must be wagered 30 times to be able to withdraw.

Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee this bonus lasts. Casinos cancel bonuses all the time. If so happens that you find this bonus is already expired, we are extremely sorry and will try to update the offers as soon as we can.

Other Promotions to look forward to in 2018


£20 free no deposit casino bonuses are great, but the year is long. There is a lot to look forward to. Before we end, we just want to mention a couple of promotions-as-rewards offers.

Wherever you play, look for VIP programs and any contests you can participate in with your bankroll. The fact that you are not asking anything in advance makes the whole difference. Here you can expect bigger prizes and no restrictions because you already earned it.

That’s how some of our players have won iPads and Quadcopters as well as tremendous cash prizes. After all, casinos are not happy to give away stuff for free but if you play at the best casinos, you will be rewarded continuously for your loyalty.


10 Reasons To Play Online Casino Games


Lovers of online casino games often meet with the questions of lay people like “what do you see?” Sometimes it is difficult to quickly give a correct and exhaustive, and also convincing answer, so we have today prepared for you a short cheat game presenting the 10 most important reasons why you should play online casino games.

1. Bonuses in casinos

Virtually every major casino start-up bonus must simply be in its offer. This is usually a classic welcome bonus with a 100% bonus, which is simply doubling the first deposit to the casino, but they are often more complex, such as a 200% bonus on the first deposit and 100% up to three more at BGO Casino, which in total means up to 1500 euro of the casino bonus spread over the first 4 deposits.

2. Free spins

Casino for free is every player’s dream, and he or she can fulfill it for example by gaining free spins. Many important casinos like BGO Casino or Energy Casino offer free spins to both new users (eg 200 free spins to start in BGO), as well as a prize in tournaments (eg 250 free spins for the Jungle Spirit game: Call of the Wild at Energy Casino).

man win3. Numerous, high wins

What can you say, online casino games often allow you to win wins, regardless of whether you play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker or other games. Every player has a chance of winning regardless of their skills, experience or internship in gambling – they are usually equal for everyone!

4. Jackpots, or how to become a millionaire

This is another reason why you should take advantage of the bonus offered by the casino without a deposit, or other promotional offers – Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah games allow you to win wins exceeding sometimes a dozen or so million euros (Mega Moolah found in the Guinness book of records rewarding the winner with nearly 18 million euros).

5. Great games

All of them without exception casino games are really high quality, they use the latest technologies and are often based on well-known brands or movie titles – all you need to do is here: Jurassic Park, The Invisible Man, Terminator II, Motorhead, or Guns’N Roses. All the most attractive titles can be found in many casinos.

joy6. Awesome emotions

Emotions accompanying gambling games have been known for decades and they drive the entire industry. Do you need to write something more about this topic?

7. Mobile applications and playing on the go

Nowadays, you do not have to go to a traditional casino and wake up in the smoky, noisey and bustling hall. You can play on a train, on a plane, on the beach or anywhere else. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet, an Internet connection and an application that offers online casino games, which are offered by virtually all major modern casinos.

8. The convenience of playing in a comfortable armchair at home

If you prefer, you can also play at home on the computer, sitting in your favourite chair, lying in bed or on the couch … or in the garden on a deckchair. Zero restrictions, maximum comfort.

gambling dice9. Gambling, or something that draws you in

Gambling can draw completely. The vision of winning is in the head and lets you dream about what will happen when you win a lot of money. And you have the chance to do it without incurring any costs – a casino start bonus available allows you to play for free!

10. Prestigious games and tournaments

When the casino no deposit bonus is on offer, and even when it is not there, you can easily take part in a prestigious tournament, such as poker or blackjack. In many cases, it is associated with sponsored trips to major events such as London, Malta, Prague, or many other attractive destinations in Europe and the world.