Top PayPal Casinos of 2018


Why do you need more than one casino? Why is it important that you knew the top PayPal casinos of 2018?

Valid questions. Great and valid questions.

And the answer is rather simple – to get the best opportunities, you must be ready. You can be ready by knowing where the best offers pop-up.

Why PayPal is the best payment method

paypalPayPal is a long-running company that pride themselves on their lever of service. They are constantly updating their software to the latest protocols and make sure that you get the best of both worlds: security and ease of use.

For casinos, PayPal is an ideal way to transfer money. Due to most transactions taking less than 12 hours, transferring your entire bankroll, getting the most out of a promotion and moving back can be done effortlessly.

Even if you want to hold separate bankrolls at different casinos and only bring them together for the largest deposit bonuses, you can. For free.

And PayPal has one of the most advances apps which allows fingerprint locks and a variety of security notifications.

Advantages of PayPal:

  • PayPal can work as a separate e-wallet
  • Or, you can use it to send money from and to your bank account
  • PayPal is favorite for Amazon, eBay, Wish and hundreds of casinos
  • Top security. No compromises.
  • One-click checkouts (if you prefer)

Top PayPal casinos of 2018

5 star ratingWe are simply going to give you the top PayPal casinos of 2018:

  • NetBet Casino
  • William Hill Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Unibet

Now, as to why these are the top casinos for PayPal? A lot of it has got to do with the way these casinos handled themselves and their promotions in 2017. Some, you probably noticed, grew tremendously from new casino to top-tier brand.

While others seem to never drop the ball. Rain or shine, you can always expect only the best at these casinos. Including fast money transfers.

2018 is just beginning. However, in 2017 these casinos did great from the New Year’s promotions to Christmas Advent Calendar. You don’t have to create accounts at all of these sites at once. But also, never again lose a great giveaway. With PayPal you can make fast and secure transfers from casino to casino and back.

Smart casino players

smartNowadays you hear about smartphones, smart watches, smart cars and smart homes. But we love to talk about smart casino players. Players, who recognize what opportunities does playing at top PayPal casinos of 2018 open to them.

You can’t beat the casino at their own game. What you can do is be smart about when you deposit and when you play. With hundreds of casinos online there are always options no matter what you like. Giveaways? Fan of free spins? Want to use that new reload bonus? Be smart, be flexible. And to do that, PayPal is a handy tool to have beside you.